About Us

Founded and promoted by Mr. Tribhuwan Krishan Wali, BGN Financial Consultants has expertise in providing Investment & Financial Products. Mr Tribhuwan Wali has worked with State Bank of India in various capacities for 37 years. With his expertise in Credit, Human Resources and Audit, he is poised to take ‘BGN financial Consultants’ to new heights.

With plethora of services like  Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Home Loans and Business Loans, BGN Financial consultants is your One-Stop solution for your financial security, money management & wealth creation needs.

With turbulent economy,  soaring inflation and lack of financial security measures for an individual, One need to start planning for reserve funds at an early age to make up monetary needs arising at various situations like Child Education, Marriage or Buying home etc. Merely saving money from your earnings is not enough. Need of hour is to channelize our savings in  such a way that, it will provide us with enough money to pay for life’s luxuries now and also enable our family to maintain that lifestyle behind us.

Market is full of service providers and products to choose from. This makes  things more complicated for the investor who is looking for the suitable product to grow his/her savings. That’s where our role begins!  As our Punchline emphasizes, a team of insurance & finance experts at BGNFC are well equipped to give solution to your financial needs,  answer your queries & guide you on the ‘ way to Prosperity…’

Vision  Statement

The company believes that Work is Worship and Customer is God. Our aim is to provide customer with the honest &   quality service.

Mission Statement

To be the top financial services hub in Kharghar & surrounding area by providing personalized services & building trust among our clients.